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How do you plan for a future event that may not happen for years – or ever? It sounds a little crazy, bit it is definitely possible. After seeing how successful this year’s Stumptown Birkie was (and BTW, the first time anything at ALL was done to organize or get the word out this go round was the day before it snowed), the wheels started turning. What could be done with a little more advance preparation?

What if we could get permission to groom a section of Leif? Or SW Kingston, which is closed to cars already when it snows. What if we could organize a real cross town race that went all over Portland, or one that looped around the neighborhoods above Wallace Park? As anyone who was out skiing yesterday can attest, you could have had a real ski race in a lot of places in Portland. The possibilities are endless. But advance planning before an actual snowfall is upon us will be necessary.

So if you’d like to be in the loop on Stumptown stuff, or just hear about what’s happening, regardless of whether you want to do more than show up and ski, please join our newly minted list.

Also – that guy you may have seen filming out there? He’s with OPB’s Oregon Field Guide. Sounds like they will be doing a piece on the whole escapade at some point. Join our list and be the first to hear when it’s coming!


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